01/17/2017 - Mark Sarasota

A Local Guide to Sarasota's World-Class Public Art Displays

The art scene in Sarasota is as diverse as it is vibrant on Florida's Cultural Coast. From posh galleries housing the works of Renaissance and Baroque Masters, quirky grottos piled with one-of-a-kind upcycled "salvage art", and stunning modern architecture like the Mark Sarasota, art connoisseurs of all tastes discover a feast for the senses in Sarasota.

The sculptures we run into on a corner downtown are just as much a part of Sarasota's landscape as the beautiful beaches, as many fans and connoisseurs who flock to Sarasota can attest. The galleries on Palm Avenue, the artists' colony in Towles Court and the many arts fairs we have year-round are just a few other reminders that the art community continues to thrive in Sarasota.

The city has brought art to the street, making it available to everyone, not just those that seek it out. There's a certain joy one experiences when running into a thought-provoking and breathtaking piece on a street corner.

Sarasota offers up other public art displays throughout the year. "Embracing Our Differences" is an international outdoor art exhibit intended to demonstrate that diversity enriches lives. The exhibit, an extensive array of huge images created by professional artists, art students and even young children from around the world, has attracted nearly a million people to the Sarasota Bayfront since its launch in 2004.

A Local Guide to Sarasota's World-Class Public Art Displays

The majority of Sarasota's current public art displays brings additional culture to an already cultured community and fits in quite well to the landscape. The newest addition to the city's dynamic downtown renaissance is The Mark Sarasota.

A Local Guide to Sarasota's World-Class Public Art Displays

A striking new expression of Sarasota's modern architecture, the Mark surrounds you with all the world-class attractions Sarasota, Florida has to offer - from beaches and boating to arts and culture. The innovative and spectacularly designed floorplans provide the indoor outdoor Florida living and showcase panoramic city views.

When you live here, each day dawns with endless possibilities, many of the best just a few steps from this walkable downtown address. Click here to learn more about these luxurious downtown residences from the mid $600,000s.